18 May  2004









I am amazed at the resilience of people.   That after horrendous conflict, suffering and trauma they can emerge hopeful that their beautiful country, Sierra Leone, can be transformed from devastation, ruin and hopelessness to their glorious counterparts.    I have   every confidence that through the National Vision they will succeed.     Maybe not overnight, not tomorrow, but in the future I believe Sierra Leone can become a beacon of hope to other conflict torn regions. 


I believe this will happen because it is the people of Sierra Leone who want it to happen and are willing to work to make it happen.   It is their acceptance of the responsibility that their future is in their hands that is so wonderfully exhilarating.   They have caught the vision and in doing so nothing will overcome it.


I am proud to endorse the National Vision for Sierra Leone, may they succeed splendidly.



God bless you

+Desmond M Tutu Archbishop Emeritus