Michael Emmanouel Christodoulou of Anna, daughter of Ioannou Bonatsou, was born and raised on Skyros in 1929.  His siblings were Panteleimon, George, Athanasia, Anthony, and Amersoula.  Michalakos, as he was nicknamed, was a joyful child with many friends.  His fate would hide a tragic future.  His pre-conceived notion of bad fate was evident when he told his friends upon his departure to America that he would never return.                                                                   In 1951 he was killed in battle, fighting in the American infantry in Korea.  His father Manolis was a fanatic of the mandolin, and his enthusiasm for music influenced the youth of Skyros.  After the death of Michalakos he hung his mandolin in a corner of his house and spoke "Anna, I will never play it again."  Michael's grave is located in the Arlington National Cemetery, USA, section 33, grave 1286.