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Skyros Winter 2005

Photo: The Kalamitsa Horizon, the "perama" between Linaria and Pefkos, and a Skyrian church dome.

I visited Skyros this January in the winter season for the first time since I was a child. The island felt very different during the winter. Skyros was desolate, yet beautiful. It seems further distant from civilization than during the summer months. I experienced rough weather -- rain, wind, and waves reaching 12 beaufort.

The Omonia Christmas tree is said to shine as bright during the day as in the night. Athens was beautifully decorated during the Christmas season. I was quite impressed.

The new Skyrian Boat arrives in Kimi. Achilleas will replace Lykomedes -- the ferry boat that currently services the Skyros Line route from Kimi to Skyros.

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